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Tatsoft's solution for Drilling Data Aggregation, in combination with Intellicess's Sentinel RT ™, an A.I. backend engine able to perform real-time streaming-data analysis, allows you to truly own your data so you can perform analysis in a reliable, consistent and controlled way.


We have a combined 3 decades of experience of data-acquisition protocols on a new designed, 100% on top of .NET Framework, for high security and availability.  Built-in store and forward procedures caches data at Rig, in case of communication of central office is unavailable.


Our licensing models, allowing solution ownership or yearly subscriptions, and leveraging you own data repositories, replaces legacy applications by a fraction of the cost. Open platform allow changes and evolution with higher efficiency.


Our solution joins two flexible engines – FactoryStudio and Sentinel RT™, that allow acquisition and analysis of any data you may need. New displays, algorithms, data sources, can be integrated at the configuration level.

The Solution

Use high frequency drilling data to drive better decisions

Tatsoft Rig Monitoring, Tatsoft RM, collects real-time data from Rigs, on-shore or off-shore locations, connecting with your existing field EDR or directly with the Control Systems, providing a local interface at the Rig and replicating the data to central offices, where it manages the archiving to your long-term data storage, such as OSIsoft PI, Microsoft Azure, Splunk or others.

Sentinel RT™ adds to this solution by providing real-time streaming-data analysis at the rig or central office, providing uniform source for the raw data. What sets Sentinel RT™ apart from its competition is a highly sophisticated data-cleansing algorithm built upon platform technology that uses a Bayesian network to differentiate between sensor and process faults in complex systems. 

With our solution, you’ll be able to centralize monitoring distributed production assets, with ESRI maps, real-time weather overlay, real-time status of key field variables, advanced trend charts and annotations tool, event notification, with extensive customization capabilities.

Have your own EDR (Electronic Drilling Recorder)

Tatsoft RM and Sentinel RT™ tackle all of the main challenges faced today to deliver a solution that allows you complete control over your drilling data: from acquisition to storage and analysis. Some of the benefits of using this solution include:

  • Reliable data in real time
  • Ownership of data
  • Improved visualization of data
  • Built-in storage at Rig site for local visualization and atomic store and forward
  • No data loss, when Rig is offline from Central office
  • Connection with Well planning tools
  • Integration with analytical tools and event detection
  • Drilling efficiency monitoring
  • Built-in Depth calculation and plotting
  • Torque and drag, cross-plots, survey displays
  • Comparing variables with offset wells
  • Support for batch drilling operation
  • Smart alerts and alarms
  • LAS and CSV Import and Exporting
  • Open and extensible application

Why Tatsoft RM is Different

Currently, industry leaders offer EDRs (Electronic Drilling Recorder) with many common limitations between them:

  • Daily Cost to acquire data, plus cost to store data on server
  • Set Design, No Flexibility
  • 1-10 second data
  • Fixed storage options and closed platform
  • Lack of real-time analytics integration

Tatsoft RM was created in top of Tatsoft FactoryStudio, therefore it is an open and extensible application. All user displays, real-time calculations, and storage and analytics integrations are open and customizable.

Failure to show the data’s true variation and data-time signify problems for data consistency and reliability. To enhance the legacy EDR data collection methods, Tatsoft provides an additional data feed from the rig PLC and control systems, capable of 10hz data output in real time.  Tatsoft RM supports data acquisition from WITS0, WITSML, Omron PLC’s, ControlLogix PLC, and various other field controls systems and sensors.

Enhancement in Data Reliability while keeping your current field EDR is a game-changer.

Just connect Tatsoft RM to your EDR, and you may even keep the data acquisition rate from 1 to 5 seconds. Tatsoft RM will align time-stamps and perform depth or any other real-time calculation, using standard, open and verifiable methods. Much more reliable data – with no rip and replace!

Completely Integrated Solution

Our goal is to enable you to make better, faster, data-informed strategic decisions, using real-time data. Tatsoft RM and Sentinel RT™ empower you to increase efficiency, improve performance and drive down well costs.

Application Cases


Well Real-time data Aggregation and ESP Assets monitoring


Deep-sea Offshore Drilling


Rig data real-time acquisition to the Cloud

Augmented Industrial IoT connectivity and interoperability.

FrameworX technology is built based on industry standards such as OPC UA, MQTT, WITSML. This guarantees the highest level of interoperability while securing a reliable data flow, exchange, and connectivity to any SCADA, PLC,  RTU, or Historian

Benefits achieved using FrameworX and working with Tatsoft:

  • Faster Decision-Making: Real-time data combined with remote control allows for more informed operational adjustments.
  • Cost effectively, Modernize, Enhance and Augment existing systems
  • More Efficient Operations: Remote access and control of your facilities and assets from anywhere in the world.
  • Strengthen Safe and Responsible Operations: Proactive alarm management
  • Increased Uptime: Faster response times and remote operational control minimizes unexpected downtime.
  • Optimize Back-Office Personnel: Automated reports and calculations and decrease administrative workload while enhancing operational sustainability.

About Us

TATSOFT is a premier Platform Developer for real-time data monitoring, SCADA and HMI System, Distributed Data Aggregation and Advanced visualization tools. Tatsoft’s core product, FactorySudio combines OT and IT technologies to create a state-of-the-art platform to develop solutions for real-time decision-making systems and Situational Awareness Projects, from he plant floor to the executive level. To learn more about other Tatsoft solutions and FactorySudio visit www.tatsoft.com

Intellicess was founded in Austin, Texas to commercialize technology developed at the University of Texas. Intellicess’s core technology was initially developed for use in nuclear submarines and later adapted to the Oil and Gas industry. Today, Intellicess is focused on continuously refining Sentinel RT™ which is designed to maximize drilling effectiveness while optimizing customer return-on-investment. To learn more about Intellicess and Sentinel RT™ visit www.intellicess.com 

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    Tatsoft is a premier Platform Developer for real-time data monitoring, SCADA and HMI Systems, Distributed Data Aggregation and Advanced Visualization tools. With over 25+ years of experience solving complex problems, the Tatsoft team has industry-proven expertise working with leading companies worldwide, to deliver robust industrial applications in a wide variety of industries and environments, from plant floor to the executive management level. Learn more.

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